PhD Training Faculty

IBS PhD trainers or faculty research advisors offer contemporary research education, training and career development opportunities in high quality programs. All IBS students complete three rotations in the first year that are designed to identify potential dissertation research advisors and groups.  Students may rotate only with IBS approved PhD trainers.  No faculty should host a rotation student “to learn techniques” or other activities, without the intention to direct dissertation research should there be mutual commitment.

In general, IBS PhD trainers are expected to have a high quality independent research program, recent publications, available funding for student support and an interest in fostering the next generation of researchers. Faculty with "research" professor designations, and those with mentored awards (eg K awards) are not eligible to host a PhD student. IBS PhD Trainers are expected to be actively engaged in IBS mentorship and professional development.

The list of IBS PhD trainers is posted online and updated regularly. In any particular year, not every research group will have an opening for a graduate student, and we circulate current listings of faculty who seek graduate students (see available IBS trainers in Forms & Handbooks section). Applicants and current students are encouraged to contact these faculty to learn about current research opportunities.

Faculty who wish to become PhD Trainers should forward their full CV, their training history and current funding to the IBS office for review. (please see the IBS Handbook for details about Faculty PhD Trainer Eligibility). The list of approved trainers is reviewed annually by IBS research leadership at GW and Children's National.