Fellowships and Awards

The SMHS provides IBS fellowships for incoming PhD students that carry a stipend of $38,000 (2022) plus 24 credit hours of tuition and health insurance. As students select a research mentor and PhD program, their stipend is typically supported by their research mentor, with continued tuition support from the IBS. Students will be supported for five years with good progress, and extensions are available.

  • We strongly encourage trainees to apply for extramural predoctoral fellowships that can pay the stipend, travel or research costs. Having a fellowship will make you much more competitive when you apply for positions after GW.
  • Predoctoral NIH F31 fellowships are awarded following applications that include your research plan and your advisor’s training plan. Students often modify their grant-style candidacy exam (usually taken in year 2) for an NIH F31 fellowship (see more information and examples).
  • Other foundation fellowships are described here (predoctoral fellowship opportunities).
  • Some students and their advisors may pursue a diversity supplement to a research grant.
  • The Cosmos Club Foundation offers small grants for graduate students in area universities to meet specific research needs not covered by other funds (not to exceed $5,000) with a deadline typically November 1.
  • While not technically a fellowship, IBS students have been inducted in the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society that recognizes and promotes scholarly achievement in students from underrepresented backgrounds.