Where are our Grads?

The research training and education completed in a GW PhD lead to occupations in various scientific career sectors, from academic posts to industry research to science communication and policy.

In October 2023, we reviewed almost 25 years of PhD earners from the Integrated Biomedical Sciences programs for career outcomes. Career sectors of our PhD graduates were broken into these categories based on the job titles and job organizations, and a few examples are shown:

List of IBS career outcome sectors with three sectors highlighted. Business where students secured Director of Development, SQZ Biotechnologies. Government where students secured Scientific Review Officer positions in NIH. And industry where students secured Senior Scientific Director with AbbVie.


Overall, students completed their PhDs in 5 years. Many pursued postdoctoral training before settling into careers most commonly in academia, industry, and government/nonprofit.

Pie chart highlighting the alumni Integrated Biological Sciences career outcomes from 1999  to 2023.



(Updated Oct, 2023)